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"CapXchange"  2022/2023

Become a Diaspora Volunteer in Nigeria 

Application Deadline: 25.05.2023

About the Programme

The program CapXchange aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between Austrians with African roots and West African-based start-ups and socially sustainable initiatives in the form of 3 months of volunteering in Nigeria. Young people from the African diaspora are encouraged to volunteer at an organization in Nigeria supporting enterprenuerial women.

The Volunteering Country

What is Diaspora Volunteering

Through the Corona Pandemic and the push of several movements like "Black Lives Matter" and "Fridays for Future" there has been a push towards a critical examination of numerous existing systems that cement inequality especially in the Global South. This includes a critical examination of DC and the deployment of volunteers from the Global North in countries of the Global South. With the mobilization of an ever-growing young diaspora in the DACH region, there is a poll of people with African heritage that can promote global partnership in a positive way without cementing colonial stereotypes. To this end, overseas assignments in which people from the diaspora with key skills support West African sustainable enterprises and social enterprises are organized. This ensures a long-term exchange, as young people from the African Diaspora in the DACH region see foreign assignments not only as a learning assignment for themselves, but as a long-term development of these regions. Basically, the assignments are seen as support for the locally based start-ups and companies and are not a substitute for local labor.

Our partner is based in Nigeria with offices in the US and Nairobi. Our partner is a non-profit organization that supports African women entrepreneurs by bridging the gender financing gap. The organization's ultimate goal is to leverage the experience of institutional investors to prepare African women leaders at every stage of their business.

Eligibility & Requiremets

Fact Sheet

Location: Lagos, Nigera Core Task: To assist the partner with numerous tasks (details will be clarified during the recruitment process). Requirements: See point Requirements

- You are over 22 years old? - You identify as Black or from the African Diaspora? - You have some academic/professional experience? - You are interested in entrepreneurship and social empowerment in Nigeria? - Then apply now!

The Cost

You pay a deductible. This covers flight, accommodation, visa fees, preparation costs and assignment fee. Why? Because the African Cultural Foundation_Org is a small organization with few financial resources. The exchange program is currently funded exclusively by ADEPT on a small scale and part of the funding goes directly to the first component of the project, the mentoring and business development of self-employed women in Nigeria. In order to be able to invest as much financial resources as possible in this component and to cover the costs of a diaspora assignment which amount to about 3.800 € per person.

* Note: You will be redicreted to an application page. Please fill the application there. 

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