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We know that change comes by investing in those most impacted by discrimination and lack of opportunities. That’s why we partner with black and african organizations to create innovative programmes that empower communities in Austria and Eastern Nigeria to create opportunities and sustainable livelihoods.

At the heart of our programs are people of african descent in the Diaspora and Africa. Learn how we expand their participation through our projects and improve livlihoods. 

"Yes She Can"

In the European Union only 30% of people active in politics and media/communication professions are women. Of these only 5 % are BIPOC women and girls. Learn on how we plan on changing that.

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Founded in 1997 the African Cultural Foundation (formerlly African Cultural Promotion) are a leading advocacy organization working to create more educational, political and particiaptory opportunities for Africans in the Diaspora and in Africa.


The program encourages young people and women in Eastern Nigeria to start their own enterprise mentored by industriy experts in Nigeria. Thereby building their capacity and ensuring that they are able to provide their own employment.

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