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"Yes She Can"  2022/2023

Mentoringprogramm in Politics, Media & Technology

for BIPOC Women & Girls 


22.04.2023 - 26.06.2023

About the Programme

8 -12 BIPOC Women and Girls aged between 18 and 36 years will have the chance to receive Mentoring from one of our five Mentors. A unique opportunity to get an inside view of the work Politicans and People in Media & Technology do in Austria.

Mentees receive the possibility of expanding their network and empowering themselves and their careers. 

Eligibility & Requiremets

How It Works

Mentees and mentors are carefully matched for a period of 2 months to ensure the strongest, most mutually beneficial and impactful relationship. The mentor shares his or her knowledge and perspective on certain questions at a minimum of 3 (one hour session) within the 3 months period, thereby fostering the further development of the mentee. At the start of your relationship, we will invite you to participate in a welcome workshop, where you’ll be welcomed into the programme and receive important information about the 3month mentorship. Our team will guide you every step of the way, offering dedicated support to ensure that both mentees and mentors get the most out of their relationships. We’ll monitor progress and check in to see how each mentoring pair is doing at the end of every month. Other than meeting with your mentoring partner regularly, the only requirement is to attend the welcome to complete short feedback forms to reflect on your goals and tell us how we can best support you.

The programme is aimed at BIPOC Women & Girls with any kind of academic or professional Background. We are looking for applicants who would benefit from the support of a professional mentor. To assess your commitment and motivation levels we will look closely at your ‌mentee application form. You identify as Black or BIPOC You are bewtween 18 - 36 years of age You identify as female You can attend the Welcome Workshop at the beginning of the Program and the Diploma Ceremony at the end of the Programm You can attend a minimum of three, one-hour meetings with your mentor during a period of 2 months. (Please note this is flexible as you and your mentor may choose to communicate electronically, through Skype or over the telephone) You can attend a minimum of 3 Workshops including the Welcome Workshop at the beginning of the Mentoring Program and two Workshops on the topics Starting & Designing Your Professional Career and Working in Media or Working in Politics. Your are able to fill short feedback forms to reflect on your goals and tell us how we can best support you.

Politics Mentors

Media Mentors

Technology Mentors

Applications Are Closed

You want to meet the mentors at our Kick off Event?

* Note: You will be redicreted to an application page. Please fill the application there. 

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Impressions "Yes She Can" 2021/2022

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