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"Yes She Can" is not taking place this year   

Find out Why and Support the Project

About the Programme

We have already successfully offered our mentoring programme three times and encouraged 30 women and girls to follow their path in male dominated industries. Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to offer our programme again this year. We had to disappoint many women and girls who were waiting to register for our programme this year. 

Why is "Yes She Can" not taking place this year? 

Financing a Mentoring Programm is expensive and finding and receiving Funds be it through Donations or institutional Funding is difficult and sometimes does not work out. This year it didnt work out and we need your help to change that. 

How You Can Help

Without your support, we will not be able to continue our mentoring programme and will have to discontinue it! We need you to be able to offer black women and girls prospects in the fields of politics, media and technology. Your contribution makes it possible! 


Olivia, Politics Mentee 2023

The mentoring program helped me so much...Mireille Ngosso gave me an insight into political areas...and inspired me to become politically active myself
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