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One of the issues a large number of West African based social enterprises face is a lack of capacity, expertise and human capital. Solopreneures in West Africa are faced with a lack of capacity and ressources thereby reducing their overall livelihoods.


The statistics prove that there is an exponential demand for employent on the continent which can be alleviated through enterpreneurship.​


Despite being at the very begining, the project is already proving to be a success.


The program encourages young people and women in Eastern Nigeria to start their own enterprise mentored by industriy experts in Nigeria. Thereby building their capacity and ensuring that they are able to provide their own employment and upon growth employ other young people and women.


As an added component a exhcange programme will not only benefit the enterprises that receive the expertise but give young Diasporas interested in returning to africa to work the unique opportunity to experience african countries and assist enterprises by passing on their expertise.

Our Programm

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