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4 Years Black Lives Matter.
Was it worth it? 

In 2020, George Floyd's tragic death reignited the Black Lives Matter Movement, originally founded in 2013 following Trayvon Martin's death. This movement critically addresses systemic racism, patriarchy, and global white supremacy. As part of the yearly Africult Festival, a panel will examine how these protests have influenced opportunities for Black communities worldwide and reshaped african womens role in development.

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Rassismus ist keine Meinung

Black Lives Matter, Civil Society Action & Everyday Lives 

Panel 1

This panel will delve into the influence of the Black Lives Matter movement on civil society actions and everyday lives. Panelists Noomi, Lisa Tackie, and Leni Charles will discuss the movement's impact on activism, community engagement, and policy reform. They will share personal experiences and insights on mobilizing communities, fostering inclusivity, and sustaining momentum against systemic racism and inequality. The discussion aims to explore the ongoing challenges and achievements in embedding BLM principles into daily life and civil society, highlighting the roles of activism, education, and cultural initiatives.

Moderation by Iris Neuberg (Radio Afrika/Dokustelle) 

IMG-20240529-WA0049 (2).jpg

Noomi Anyanwu
(Chairwoman at Black Voices Austria) 

Black Voices Volksbegehren, co-founded by Noomi Anyanwu, is an anti-racism movement in Austria dedicated to combating racism and promoting equality. The initiative aims to influence policy changes and foster a more inclusive society.

Lisa Tackie_Headshot1 (1).jpeg

Lisa Tackie

The Association for Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Racism Education Disrupt, co-founded by Lisa Tackie, aims to make inaccessible knowledge in anti-discrimination and anti-racism accessible to all members of society on all levels.


Leni Charles
(Kids of the Diaspora) 

The "Kids of the Diaspora" movement, founded by Vienna-based art director Leni Charles in 2016, began as an awareness project with a popular shirt line. Her goal was to connect people across continents who share similar experiences and emotions.

Performative Action only or real change? Black Lives Matter in the Arts

Panel 2

This panel will explore the role of the Black Lives Matter movement within the arts, questioning whether actions taken have been merely performative or have led to real, substantive change. Panelists Tonika Hunter and Tayla Myree will discuss the impact of BLM on artistic expression, representation, and industry practices. They will share their experiences and perspectives on how artists and cultural institutions have responded to the movement, examining the effectiveness of these responses in addressing systemic racism and promoting diversity. The discussion will aim to identify genuine progress and highlight areas where further efforts are needed to ensure lasting change in the arts. 

Moderation by Joy Breiner (Fresh Vibes) 

TonicaHunter (1)_edited.jpg

Tonica Hunter
(Curator, lecturer and DJ) 

Tonica Hunter (they/she) is a curator, lecturer, and DJ from London, based in Vienna since 2014. Serving on advisory boards for Frauendomane and BMKÖS, and since 2022, teach “ars sciendi” at Angewandte Wien.

Tayla Myree3_©

Tayla Myree
(Visual Artist and Historian) 

Tayla Myree (she/they) is a visual artist and historian. Focusing on memory and identity politics related to Blackness and marginalized identities, Tayla uses film, photography, prose, and sound. She holds a Masters in Comparative History and is part of the Video Installation Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Gaberscik_(C) Martina Lajczak.jpeg

Anna Gaberscik
(Anti-racism educator, author and filmmaker)

Her work focuses on anti-racism and challenging patriarchal, heteronormative and white narratives and discourses. In addition to practicing anti-racism education, Anna explores empowerment in various creative and political formats.

Police Brutality Worldwide – Is the next George Floyd waiting to happen?  

Panel 3

This panel will explore the global crisis of police brutality and the potential for future incidents akin to George Floyd's murder. Taking place as part of the yearly Africult Festival, the discussion will contextualize recent events within the broader framework of systemic racism, patriarchy, and white supremacy. Joana Adewsu Reiterer will share insights from her film on police brutality in Nigeria and the End SARS movement, highlighting struggles for justice in Africa. Topoke and Dunia Khalil will provide perspectives on activism and systemic issues driving police violence worldwide. The panel aims to assess current reforms, advocate for human rights protections, and foster international solidarity in combating police brutality. 

Moderation by Fatima Sidibe (African Diva) 


Joana Adewsu Reiterer (Filmmaker & Media Founder) 

Joana Adesuwa Reiterer is a Nigerian-born Austrian Entrepreneur and filmmaker who launched her first side business in fashion and film at age 16 in her hometown, Benin City.

Topoke_Portrait (1).jpg

(Activist & Musician) 

Topoke, a dynamic public speaker, activist, and musician, grew up in Austria and has emerged as a leading voice against racism. Topoke uses his platform to address and combat racial injustice.


Dunia Khalil (Anti Racism Expert & Legal Advisor) 

Dunia Khalil advises on racism and online hate. With expertise from the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, ZARA, and the Chamber of Labor, she now works at Dokustelle and the University of Vienna. She conducts anti-racism workshops and is active in networks like WILPF.

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